July 15, 2014

Youth & Teen Large Print

Question:  Now that all the youth and teen large print are catalogued under adult large print, is there a way in Workflows to do a search and see the youth/teen large print titles we have?

Answer by Materials ManagementIn response to this question, Materials Management has made a change to how these materials are linked in the catalog.  From now on, youth and teen large print titles will have the appropriate age level coded in the Audience field in the item record.  In either Workflows or eLibrary’s Power Search, you can perform a search using the item type of Large Print and an audience level of either Youth or Teen in order to see all of the large print titles for each age group.

July 10, 2014

Time to Answer Questions

QuestionIs there a timeframe that questions are answered?? A question about the reassignment of the youth librarians was submitted, but has not been answered.

Answer by the Library Communications Team:  A question was received that was agency specific.  Agency specific questions are typically sent to the manager(s) of the named agency and this one was referred to the management team of the agency mentioned in the question.  Those managers spoke with the staff of that agency. They did not feel the situation required a broader, system-wide response.  If you have any questions about how the situation was handled, speak with the Manager or Supervisor of that agency.

Staff Association @ Work

Question:  I see the staff association is busy preparing for our first event. I am confused though because I understood that being on this team meant volunteering your time. Being a member meant donating your money. And the events are scheduled when the library is closed. Why are the team members meeting and working on this event on city time?

Answer by Neva White, Library Staff Association:  Formation of an All Staff Association will be an important tool in getting staff members from around the library system to get to know each, learn about each other's work, and work more as a system. Because Eva Poole recognizes that this can only lead to more effective working situations and relationships, she has approved work time for the formation of the team.  Events are held outside of working hours so that the maximum number of library employees can have the opportunity to attend them. You'll be happy to know that this team has been very efficient in use of work time and in three meetings has drafted a charter, developed cash handling processes, formed job descriptions for board members, researched non-profit organizations, and has planned an opening event that will be free of charge to employees. It is our hope that everyone can recognize that a small amount of work time spent to pull us all together as a team is certainly time well spent.

June 13, 2014

Training Catalog

Question:  Can you please provide the link to the 2014 Library Training catalog.  The Library training sharepoint page only has the 2013 catalog up which is not helpful.
Answer by Angie Davis, Staff Development CoordinatorThe 2013 VBPL training catalog has been removed from the Sharepoint site.  A training catalog for 2014 was not created.  Instead, we have taken the ‘Just-in-Time’ approach.  This approach allows us to identify, develop and deliver training based on the immediate needs of staff and service demands of the customers.  Monthly training opportunities are announced through email to all staff.  Please contact the Staff Development Office (x8243) if you are not receiving the announcements.  Thank you for your interest in training. 


June 11, 2014

New ID Cards

Question:  Does anyone know when we will be receiving our new ID cards? I have asked many management level individuals and even they can't answer the question. It has been months since I had my picture taken for my new card.

Answer by Library Administration:  Issuing new smart ID cards is a long process.  Taking the pictures was only step one.  Initially the cards, when issued, will only be activated for fuel dispensing.  It will take additional time for all the cards, city-wide, to be dispensed.  At that time, more updates will be done to the access system allowing the new cards to be used for both building access and fuel dispensing.  Library Administration has decided to hold all new ID cards not needed for fuel dispensing (delivery drivers, Bookmobile drivers, etc.) until the final activation for building use has been done.  At that time, ID cards will be distributed to library staff.

If you have further questions, please contact Library Administration at 385-4321. 

May 24, 2014

Programming Consistency

Question:  Why are some branches permitted to do programs and registration and other things differently from the way the rest of the Library operates? It seems unfair to the people who follow the guidelines and procedures when we  find out others are held to different standards and don't do online registration or they have a program that is supposed to be the same at all locations but one agency does it differently.

Answer by David Palmer, Public Services Manager:  The program coordinators, in partnership with managers, supervisors and program providers have worked on procedures that create a clear process for staff and a clear message for our patrons.  Therefore, all programs must be approved, well in advance by the agency manager and program coordinator via the Program Proposal form, and then put into the Trumba calendar by the appropriate staff member, and a marketing plan developed in conjunction with the Christine Brantley.  If a staff member notices that an agency is not following those procedures please notify your agency manager.   They must report the issue to the appropriate program coordinator (Ashley Barrineau for adult, James Giangregorio for teens and Katie Cerqua for youth programming) or to the Public Services Manager.  All agencies and their staff members are required to follow these procedures.

May 16, 2014

Clarifying the Policy!

Question:  Can you please expound on the "No Solicitation" addition to the Acceptable Use policy?  Are we talking patrons walking around trying to solicit stuff from other patrons or asking co-workers if they want to buy something from your child's PTA fundraiser?  (No Solicitation is a part of the Picketing, Petitioning and Other Expressive Activities In City Buildings Administrative Directive AD 3.01.)

Answer by David Palmer, Public Services Manager:  Customers are not allowed to solicit in the library or on library grounds. Selling by approved vendors, such as farmer’s stands, is not the same as solicitation. Some expressive activities, such as solicitation for voter registration, is allowed on approved petitioning areas (except at the Joint Use Library).  

Staff may also not directly solicit members of the public or other staff members in person or by email.   However, it is acceptable for staff members to put notices of cookie/candy/wrapping paper sales for non-profit groups/organizations/schools and announcements of charity walks/events on a table or bulletin board (the location should be chosen and announced by the agency manager) where staff members can see it and decide privately whether or not they want to participate.