November 12, 2013


Question:  How can staff find on orders in Workflows?  Specifically music CDs, television series and DVDs.  Have none been added in the last month or so or is there another way to see a list now?

Answer by Joni Klemencic, Technology Services:  As has been blogged, we've recently implemented a new process for ordering which eliminates the need for MM to create a "dummy" copy for the title just ordered. One good and bad consequence of that change is that on-order copies are no longer being created.  This is unfortunate for staff who used to search Workflows with a location or item type of on-order.  As has been discovered, this search now yields 0 results. More unfortunate, at this time, there's no obvious way to search Workflows for on-order titles.

As for e-Library, prior to this change we generated lists of On-Order titles under Special Lists.  This function has been temporarily disabled, but will be turned on again once it is aligned with the new bibliographic data.

Materials Management and Technology Services are actively working to address the impacts of this recent change.


  1. So are we not going to be able to see on-order items before they are available?

    1. You can still see the titles in Workflows and place holds on them, they just aren't listed in an "On-Order" special list at the moment.

  2. I've found you can search through Workflows by searching by call number - xx7 - and it will bring you to the bottom of the on orders. This can only be done by searching a specific branch. I've put holds on a few items (such as "The Chase" by Janet Evanovich). It's kind of a roundabout way and you can't search specific item types.