June 13, 2014

Training Catalog

Question:  Can you please provide the link to the 2014 Library Training catalog.  The Library training sharepoint page only has the 2013 catalog up which is not helpful.
Answer by Angie Davis, Staff Development CoordinatorThe 2013 VBPL training catalog has been removed from the Sharepoint site.  A training catalog for 2014 was not created.  Instead, we have taken the ‘Just-in-Time’ approach.  This approach allows us to identify, develop and deliver training based on the immediate needs of staff and service demands of the customers.  Monthly training opportunities are announced through email to all staff.  Please contact the Staff Development Office (x8243) if you are not receiving the announcements.  Thank you for your interest in training. 


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  1. This isn't a very good way for Managers and Supervisors to plan ahead. The catalog was easy to look at and plan ahead for staff trainings.