July 10, 2014

Time to Answer Questions

QuestionIs there a timeframe that questions are answered?? A question about the reassignment of the youth librarians was submitted, but has not been answered.

Answer by the Library Communications Team:  A question was received that was agency specific.  Agency specific questions are typically sent to the manager(s) of the named agency and this one was referred to the management team of the agency mentioned in the question.  Those managers spoke with the staff of that agency. They did not feel the situation required a broader, system-wide response.  If you have any questions about how the situation was handled, speak with the Manager or Supervisor of that agency.


  1. I have also submitted questions that have not been answered. I think it would be appropriate if we could at least have it posted on the blog with the reason explaining why it cannot be answered. This is something that is done on Because You Asked frequently. It's much more inclusive and better communication... instead of ignoring the question... perhaps better communication amongst staff is part of the purpose of this blog?

    1. There have been 4 unanswered questions this year including the one mentioned above. All of those questions were agency specific and were referred to the management of the agency mentioned in the question. The manager(s) of the specific agency determine whether a broad, system-wide response is necessary. If they decide it is not, the question is not posted as there won’t be an answer for it. If your question wasn’t answered it was for that reason as all other questions received in 2014 have been answered and posted. Perhaps you could approach the manager(s) of the agency concerned and receive your answer directly.